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Rikki Kasso

b. 1979,  NYC, USA

Rikki Kasso is an multi disciplinary contemporary artist who is not afraid to explore new lands, new cultures and new mediums. The self taught Artist and “Artrepreneur” left his native NYC on an invite from Vogue Japan for his first solo exhibition in Tokyo in 2003; where he found himself living and creating for the next 9 years. While in Japan, Kasso was immersed in the traditional and underground Japanese culture which not only influenced his art, but permeated it’s way through his entire being. It was during this time he discovered the medium of Sumi Ink which was traditionally used for caligraphy and classical asian arts.

This coupled with his photographic obsession which led to the award winning, published Tokyo Undressed series, an ongoing photographic love story filled with light, darkness and raw human sexuality. These photographic works were initially documented in a blog narrative (2005-Present) which was one of the first “viral” erotic photo art narratives with a viewership of millions around the world and garnered him the title 2009-2010 “Photographer of the Year” at the UK’s Erotic Awards. The collection has gone on to be published in a 288 page photo novel titled TOKYO, by the premier Japanese art book publisher Powershovel books.

It is this childlike experimentation and freethinking that has Kasso working fluidly throughout many expressions and mediums,  while maintaining a consistency of vision. A notable landmark piece executed in Tokyo was the commissioned permanent public art / architecture work “The Future Starts Now” a three dimensional ASCCI art installation of 3000 stainless steel letters which formed words and messages about education in the form of one of his iconic photos. The work can be experienced from both inside and outside of the new Meji Kindergarten and Institution of Child Cognitive Development in the academic district of Mejiro, Tokyo.


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